You Had Me At Hello

You Had Me At Hello - Mhairi McFarlane I downloaded a sample of this and found myself laughing out loud at certain turns of phrase, which isn’t something I’m prone to doing. I didn’t download it right away but found myself thinking about it in the weeks that followed and wishing I’d bought it when it was only 99p. I eventually did buy it and devoured it. Mhairi has a great writing style that’s both funny and heartfelt. I love the little snarky quips our main character Rachel shares with the other characters. Rachel breaks off her engagement to Rhys, a man she’s been with for 13 years but has never really felt happy with. Then she meets old friend Ben and we find out throughout the course of the book that they were best friends at university and haven’t seen each other since. Until Ben moves back to Manchester…with his wife. Rachel is one of those characters that isn’t perfect, she’s not dislikeable, but she’s human. She makes mistakes and she says the wrong thing sometimes. That’s what makes her relatable and makes this book so enjoyable. The supporting cast of characters is equally as wonderful and I even found myself enjoying Simon, even in his nastiness when I wanted to kick him in the face. I wanted to bitch slap Olivia and you know that when fictional characters can elicit such violence that the author is doing something right. Ben, our love interest was one of those characters that is so easy to fall in love with. His ability to give Rachel as good as he gets makes him the perfect compliment to her sarcastic nature. The plot wasn’t just about Rachel and Ben and Rhys and her friends and OMG what is going to happen!? Rachel’s job is in jeopardy after she makes the mistake of trusting a co-worker. I knew when she did it that it was going to come back to bite her and I barely resisted the urge to shout “Rachel, no!” at my Kindle. I found the bits about Rachel’s work added to the story and definitely didn’t weigh it down. The author’s ability to keep us all guessing right until the very last page was what makes me want to give the book 5 stars. It’s a book I’m going to recommend to people whether they like contemporary adult fiction or not.