I Heart London. Lindsey Kelk

I Heart London - Lindsey Kelk This is the fifth book in the I Heart… series and it’s one of my favourite series ever. It’s simple, cheesy chick lit and even though I really am not a chick lit fan these books just make me happy. CharactersThe series follows Angela Clark as she basically started her life over again. Angela isn’t perfect, she can be selfish and moody and definitely does not know when to shut up. And that’s why she’s a great character, she’s human and somewhat relatable. Angela ran away to New York after catching her other half cheating on her…and she didn’t come back. She changed completely over the course of the 5 books and became a somewhat responsible grown-up.Angela’s NY best friend, Jenny is loud and brash and just wonderful. I love Jenny although in this particular book she goes a bit nuts and reminds me a lot of the Angela from book 1…like they’ve done a complete role reversal. While Angela’s story came to a satisfactory conclusion I hope the author maybe does a spin-off series with Jenny.Angela’s boyfriend is adorable. Who doesn’t want a gorgeous musician boyfriend? He’s so chill and sensible and he compliments Angela’s chaotic personality perfectly.PlotBook 5 revolves around Angela trying to plan her wedding to Alex during a trip home to London. It all sounds nice and like Angela’s perfect wedding but as predicted it goes a bit tits up with the arrival of Angela’s ex and crazy chaos. I didn’t heart book 4 (I Heart Vegas), see what I did there? But I Heart London was great fun. ConclusionThese books are pure fantasy, the idea of running away to a new country, I think appeals to everyone on some level. I love the characters and their crazy shenanigans. It’s a quick read, nothing too deep and serious and just perfect chick lit. My favourite is still the first one, I Heart New York, but I really recommend I Heart London for a quick summer read.