River Dawn

River Dawn - Stephen Graff,  Joel Bahma I received this book from the author to review and after reading the synopsis I was really excited to read it. I was left with mixed feelings after finishing this book and I was left more than slightly confused. I often wonder when I read books that I don’t “get” if it’s me being stupid. That could be the case.After I finished the book I re-read the synopsis and some of my questions were answered there. The story takes place in two different times, I had originally thought maybe it was a parallel world kind of thing but the blurb clearly states it’s different times. There was no way to differentiate which time was being written about until a few sentences in to the chapter since all the characters had the same names. I don’t understand why they had the same names, they weren’t the same people.The two Alice’s apparently communicate through a journal…where did the journal come from? How did the the communication work? It was barely mentioned in the novel and that’s something else I got from the synopsis. There were several stories being told throughout the course of the novel and everybody’s story seemed to connect. I was left wondering what happened to all of these characters since their stories weren’t explained or brought to a conclusion. There is a sequel being released so maybe we’ll get some answers then. I think I got the point, global warming and the state of the world leading to the collapse of society. But the whole “two different times back and forth” aspect is unnecessary, the story works without it if I’m honest. It was excessively mysterious, everything is alluded to but never actually explained outright so the reader is left to draw their own conclusions. I don’t personally enjoy that kind of reading experience but I know it would appeal to some people.