Scars - Cheryl Rainfield This book is deep, dark and terrifying. I was left feeling emotionally exhausted after I’d finished it. It covers the topics of sexual abuse, self-injury and homosexuality. Kendra has started remembering her abuse, she’s trying to remember who abused her while at the same time retreating from the memories. When she starts to remember she cuts herself to stop the memories. She’s also being stalked by her abuser, who’s trying to scare her into not remembering. At the same time as all this, she’s falling in love. I was desperate to find out who her abuser was and I was utterly shocked at the revelation, I wasn’t expecting that at all. I always like when authors take me by surprise. The fleeting descriptions of Kendra’s abuse were brutal and my heart broke for her. The same goes for the cutting scenes, the author pulled no punches in her descriptions and it was so real. The scenes between Kendra and Meghan were sweet and touching and I wish there had been more of a developing relationship between them both, rather than a BOOM! they’re in love. I wanted to know more about Meghan’s unhappy life. This book could be triggering for self-harmers so I’d advise caution in that regard. However, I think it offers a hopeful message for anyone suffering like Kendra was.